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  • Drink water after a session

  • Soak in a mineral or epsom salt bath for 20 minutes minimum

  • A 20 minute epsom salt foot soak is the best alternative to a bath

These activities support the body in detoxifying or releasing any physical components from the blockages released from the energy field. 

For the indulgent: add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the epsom salts before adding to the soak or bath. Be smart, choose an oil that will not irritate your skin. 

Self Care | Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner | Austin TX | Michelle McGough | Virtual Sessions Available


Discharge the Detritus

Connecting the bare feet to the earth will help to ground your energy, drawing excess electrons down and out of the body, and drawing the earth’s negatively charged ions up into the body. This helps create a state of electromagnetic equilibrium in the system.

If the weather isn't your friend at the moment, you can also use a grounding mat. 

Alternately you can simply breathe deeply and on the exhale visualize yourself washing your hands at the sink. As you continue breathing, visualize and imagine soaping your hands while dirt and oil release from your skin and fingernails and rinse away down the drain. 

Certified Biofield Tuning | The Practical Catalyst | Michelle McGough | Austin TX | Virtual Sessions Available | Grounding
Certified Biofield Tuning  Practitioner | Michelle McGough | Austin TX | The Practical Catalyst


Practice Maintaining Harmony

​Want to get the most out of your adjustment? You'll need to support the shift in order to sustain harmony.

Remember how good you felt at the end of your session? You can go back to that at anytime.

If you notice there is dissonance in your environment: fix it. Choose an appropriate solution and implement it.

If it means politely ending a conversation and moving on to something more productive: do it.

If it means making the bed or taking out the trash: do it.

If it means getting away from a screen: do it.

Be kind to yourself and others. Be the harmony. 

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