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Drinking plenty of water after a session is recommended. Soaking in a mineral or epsom salt bath for 20 minutes minimum supports the body in detoxifying or releasing any physical components from the blockages released from the energy field. A 20 minute foot soak is a good alternative when a bath is not possible.



Electromagnetic Equilibrium

In climates that permit, it is highly recommended to spend some time walking barefoot outside in the grass, sand, or soil after your session. Connecting the bare feet to the earth will help to ground your energy, drawing excess electrons down and out of the body, and drawing the earth’s negatively charged ions up into the body. This helps create a state of electromagnetic equilibrium in the system.

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Become the Witness

Becoming more well-balanced usually requires a change in perception and/or action of some kind or another. Simply becoming more aware of our habitual subconscious behaviors, and aware of ourselves from the place of ‘the witness,’ expands the trajectory of our life possibilities. Hence, we become more free to choose healthy and self- supporting behaviors.