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Virtual Biofield Tuning: A Promising Solution for Anxiety

Updated: Apr 20

Biofield Tuning Scientific Peer Review: Published Study | The Practical Catalyst

As a certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner with my own practice, I am thrilled to share the exciting results of a recent study on the effectiveness of virtual biofield-based sound healing treatment for anxiety.

I invite readers to view the study.

over 19% of US adults have a diagnosable anxiety disorder

Anxiety is a growing problem, with over 19% of US adults having a diagnosable anxiety disorder. And during the pandemic, anxiety levels only rose further. That's why the results of this study are so promising: they indicate that virtual biofield-based sound therapy can be an effective way to reduce anxiety in adults.

The study involved participants with moderate to high levels of anxiety, as measured by the Generalized Anxiety Disorder-7 (GAD-7) scale.

participants reported significant reductions in anxiety, negative affect, and perceived stress

Over the course of three weeks, participants received three hour-long sound healing treatments via videoconference with certified Biofield Tuning Practitioners. The results were stunning: participants reported significant reductions in anxiety, negative affect, and perceived stress, with an average 18-point drop in STAI-State scores and an 11-point drop in STAI-Trait scores. These reductions were statistically and clinically significant, indicating that virtual biofield-based sound therapy can be an effective way to address anxiety.

One of the most exciting aspects of this study is that the biofield tuning sessions were conducted virtually.

This means that the practitioners and participants were not in the same room and could be hundreds or even thousands of miles apart. Some of the sessions were pre-recorded, but the majority were live over videoconference platforms. This is a significant finding, as it demonstrates that virtual biofield-based sound therapy is a feasible and effective way to deliver these treatments, even in the midst of a pandemic or other circumstances that may prevent in-person sessions.


Naturally I am thrilled by these results. My clients and I already knew about the efficient efficacy of Biofield Tuning, but many potential clients hold back from virtual sessions for fear they won't be as effective as they are in person.

It's clear that biofield-based therapies have a great deal of potential for addressing anxiety and other mental health conditions. While more research is sure to be welcomed by the community, I feel confident that these results will influence more people to select virtual sessions and encourage even more to explore biofield-based therapies as a viable option for improving their mental health and overall wellbeing.

About Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning is a sound therapy practice that uses tuning forks to detect and release areas of tension within the body's biofield.

The practice was founded by Eileen Day McKusick, a researcher, writer, and teacher who has been exploring the effects of sound on the human body for over 25 years. Through her work, she has developed a unique understanding of the subtle energies that surround and permeate the body.

McKusick's website,, provides information on the practice of Biofield Tuning and offers resources for those interested in exploring its benefits.

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