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Bring Harmony into Your Life and Business

Michelle offers multiple energetic harmonizing services. If what you're looking for isn't listed, please use the Contact form to start a conversation.

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Custom Curated To Your Signature Frequency

Available for 45 to 90 minutes in length.

These sessions are held in Zoom and will utilize some or all of the full range of genuine Biofield Tuning equipment and additional vibrational tools to support your signature frequency. 

Your session starts with a check-in and intention or goal setting for the adjustment. 

Any questions or concerns are addressed before beginning the adjustment.

Prior to the adjustment you will be asked to remove your shoes and any wearable technology including your phone and smart watch. Michelle recommends using a speaker or wired earbuds.

Then you will get comfortable, ideally by laying down or reclining. Blanket, pillow, eye mask, bolster, etc, whatever you need to feel comfortable. For best results: don't fall into sleep!

Once the adjustment is complete you will be advised for self-care. You can then book your next session, or you can schedule online at your convenience. 


Advice for DIY + Outcall Bookings Available

Bring harmony to the energy in your home, place of business, or other structure.

Use this option to cleanse and/or bless your space. 

Common scenarios: 

*Office move or expansion

*Relocation to a new home 

*New resident, people or pets

*Specific room or area feels frightening, sad, unusually cold, or uninviting

*Toxic staff, client(s)

*Uninvited visitors

*Revenue/Income not flowing as expected

*Death in the family, even if not a resident

Consultations can be booked online. One consultation is enough for most DIY scenarios. 

Outcalls require a consultation before they can be estimated and scheduled.

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