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Intuitive Acoustic Agent

Like many people, I went through some hard times very early in life. 

In that time I developed a defensive Warrior Mode that helped me survive tough situations. 

Unfortunately, Warrior Mode was not helpful in my adult life. It consisted of defensive coping mechanisms and other behaviors that made social situations awkward and difficult.

I was high functioning and "successful," by material standards. But my every day life experience felt uncomfortable, at best. 

Looking for relief I went through the typical medical care approaches - pharma, talk therapy, CBT, and EMDR. I was committed to success. I did experience some improvement.

But the best I was told to expect was for my situation to be "managed."

I didn't want to settle for managed. 

What I wanted was a sense of harmony. I wanted to experience life where I felt like my "note" was in tune with the song playing along in the world as I went through it. 

So I went on a search for the catalyst, something or someone that could help me transform my life into a more harmonious experience.

After a long search I found Biofield Tuning. The experience was phenomenal. 

Biofield Tuning was incredibly effective for shedding the old coping mechanisms, beliefs, and behaviors that kept me from living life the way I wanted.

Rather than analyzing thoughts and feelings - I had been there and done that so many times - Biofield Tuning neutralized the dissonance around me. It gave me opportunities to relax and experience being in harmony.

The adjustments always left me feeling a sense of lightness. In short time I noticed they also had a cumulative effect.

With each new adjustment it became easier and easier to stay in tune with the situations and surroundings I encountered. 

Life got (and still gets) better and easier. 

It was so good that I eventually started a Biofield Tuning practice of my own. This isn't some bullshit story. I didn't make the decision lightly. I walked away from a very successful career to be able to facilitate and witness the breakthroughs that others experience from this work. 

Ask yourself

*Does the idea of harmony resonate for you?

*Do you want to feel in harmony in your life as it unfolds?

*Are you a little skeptical?

*If you wanted to try acoustic adjustments, who would you want to work with?

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