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Intuitive Acoustic Agent & Mentor

I offer two types of services:

Sound Healing for those seeking to find more harmony and balance in their lives.

Technology Mentoring for Energetic Practitioners who offer their services online.

Both types of service require that I earn a great degree of trust with my clients so that we can work well together.

My background in healing goes back to 2016 when I first started working with tuning forks and I've added many energetic modalities over the years including Pranic Healing, Singing Bowls and sound baths, Lucia Light Therapy, Guided Meditation and Visualization, and Breath Work.

My two preferences are Biofield Tuning and Pranic Healing for their effectiveness and efficiency. The less time you spend on the work, the sooner you can get back to your life. And when you need to spend less time, you also spend fewer resources such as money.

I use these modalities to help clients reduce stress and digest previously held emotions.

Once these old emotions clear you will find yourself with much more room in which to apply healthy responses to every day stresses. You'll live your life in harmony with your surroundings and experience reality through the lens of grace. 

For my Practitioner Clients, I offer a lengthy and rich background in device technology management, advisory architecture, product management, and live event sound production.

These skills enable me to advise you in how to offer your services online, securely, with excellent audio and video, while spending as little money as possible - or alternately if price is no issue - I can advise you in how to offer the most competitive and scalable solutions to attract even more clients to your practice.

The most important choice you can make in a healing practitioner or a technology mentor is that you trust them to act in your best interests. 

If you find resonance in what I am offering: please book. If you'd like to learn more: feel free to reach out us

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